Oddsized Interactive was founded in 1996 by CP Müller MA for multidisciplinary IT, Art and Media services. Over the past 20 years, Oddsized has collaborated with various types of projects, companies and individuals in the field of IT, Design and Culture.

At the moment Carl is mainly active as a web developer, designer, consultant, teacher in primary education and entrepreneur in IT, art and education. Carl lives together with graphic designer and fashion designer Judith Haagh and their two children in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Carl-Peter Müller was born in Zwartewaal, the Netherlands in 1977 and grew up in Waddinxveen in the middle of the Netherlands with a sister and a smaller brother. His father was an engineer and business director, his mother was a ballet dancer and entrepreneur. He was a dreamer, a musician and drew on everything, with a preference for Rock’n Roll cover designs, cartoon characters and unrealistic landscapes. Always make music, read, build, design and be enthusiastic in learning and using new technologies.

In 1996 Carl completed his second high school (2 years in 1 HAVO) where he developed an inspiring speed for learning and a preference for culture, philosophy and technology. In the same year Carl was admitted to the Royal Art Academy for Art, Music and Dance in The Hague, the Netherlands. During his studies, Carl made his freelance debut as a multimedia artist, hacker and interaction designer, combining his talents in art, music and science on the fast-growing internet with animations and temporary interactive landscapes.

In 2001, during a period when education in traditional subjects at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts was in a disappointing state, Carl graduated in 2 disciplines; multimedia and contemporary painting. Since then, Carl freelance has been working as a web designer, internet consultant and multimedia artist for many different types of creative projects, organizations and companies.

“In addition to my art studies, I started developing myself as an autodidact on the web and I have, among other things. javascript, html, css, xml & php programming made your own. Around 2008 I started to specialize in WordPress design and web app development. In the past 20 years I have worked on more than 150 professional websites and apps, among others. in collaboration with AlphaCT, Soup Royale, Prik! Media and We-Are-Amp for a variety of types of customers and projects including booking.com, tntplanetme.com, librarydenhaag.nl, betweenrealities.nl, and floriskaayk.com.”

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“In 2012 I started working with Maurizio Bricola for Early Robots, first as a teacher and as a Master Player, and since 2016 as a partner in a VOF partnership. Early Robots integrates technology, programming and creative digital skills in the primary school curriculum and supports future generations early in exploring, developing and mastering creativity and technical skills. ”

Read more about Earlyrobots at earlyrobots.com

Re-source Project wins Design Award 2019!

Oddsized is the proud webdeveloper of the impressive interactive website: www.re-source.info The Re-source project has won the Dutch design award 2019 for the best design research! A research in cooperation with Design Academy Eindhoven design research Re-source...