CP Müller
 master in arts

Art & IT

Oddsized Interactive

Oddsized was founded in 1996 by CP Müller MA for multidisciplinairy Art, Media & ICT services.
T: 0641611661
E: project@oddsized.org / support@webdesigndenhaag.net

Oddsized webdesign and development at webdesigndenhaag.net
Creative Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS allround senior webdesigner & developer

Craftmanship equiped for Artwork, Development & overall management.
github.com/oddsized  – New: github.com/webbouwer/

Earlyrobots at earlyrobots.com
Teaching Robotics & Programming – Crea-tech Primairy School Education
workshops & classes, lego mindstorms programming, coaching & STEM

contemporary, digital, music
Animation, Artwork, Multimedia Painting, Drawing, Graphics,
Illustration, music composition, soundscapes & tunes – Expo on request
Graduated at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Dance & Music in The Hague in 2001.

health, society, mindfullness, hacking & philosophy
Explore, engage, grow,
design, build, DIY & play
Genboy is a Minecraft & Pocketmine fan and concerned about the future.
Hacking, playing & tinkering is needed to solve our puzzles

Webdesign Den Haag provides development and interactive design services, everything for your website or web app. Customized web templates, web markup, WordPress themes, UI design and a lots of open source code.

Earlyrobots reflects the needs of children, parents and schools to get acquainted with modern technology and support the development of creativity and technical thinking at individual and group level.