Carl P Müller MA
Creative Partner since 2001


Art, Creative Management & Consultancy

 Web & Design

Crea Tech Education

Webdesign Den Haag provides development and interactive design services, everything for your website or web app. Customized web templates, web markup, WordPress themes, UI design and a lots of open source code.
Earlyrobots reflects the needs of children, parents and schools to get acquainted with modern technology and support the development of creativity and technical thinking at individual and group level.


Oddsized brings complexity back to simplicity in order to quickly and independently create practical solutions for individual and shared objectives.

“Make optimum use of the creative ability”

Carl P Müller


Oddsized Interactive was founded in 1996 by CP Müller MA for multidisciplinary Art Media and Consultancy services. Over the past 20 years, Oddsized has assisted various types of companies and individuals in the field of IT, Design and Strategy.

An important part in all processes is the awareness of one’s own creative process, choosing one’s own direction and making optimum use of the resources that people and companies have at their disposal. Oddsized is the cover of a man who is widely developed, operates independently and is known for the insight and understanding of matter.

“Are you ready for inner growth? Don’t sit still! Move and play. I think along with you.”
Carl Müller, Entrepeneur Oddsized

Oddsized helps people

  1. Awareness
  2. Cause and effect
  3. Direction

and companies

  1. Objectivity
  2. Creativity
  3. Goals

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Oddsized webdesign and development at
Creative Javascript, PHP, HTML/CSS allround senior webdesigner & developer

Craftmanship equiped for Artwork, Development & overall management.  – New:

Earlyrobots at
Teaching Robotics & Programming – Crea-tech Primairy School Education
workshops & classes, lego mindstorms programming, coaching & STEM

contemporary, digital, music
Animation, Artwork, Multimedia Painting, Drawing, Graphics,
Illustration, music composition, soundscapes & tunes – Expo on request
Graduated at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Dance & Music in The Hague in 2001.

health, society, mindfullness, coaching, hacking & philosophy
Explore, engage, grow,
design, build, DIY & play
Hacking, playing & tinkering is needed to solve our future puzzles


Oddsized is a freelance business by CP Müller. Carl-Peter grew up in the middle of the Netherlands with one sister and one smaller brother, his father was an engineer and business director, his mother was a ballet dancer and entrepeneur. He was a dreamer, musician, played the drums and drawing everything, mostly Rock’n Roll cover designs architecture, cartoon figures and surealistic landscapes. Always making music, reading, building and designing and eager in learning and using new technologies. In 1996 Carl finaly finnished  secondairy school (2 years in 1 HAVO at the Luzac College) where he developed an inspiring speed for learning and a predilection for culture, philosophy, mathematics and science through hard work.

In September 1996, Carl decided not to invest in music alone, but in art & culture all together and started his study at the Royal Art Academy for Art, Music and Dance in The Hague, the Netherlands. During his studies, Carl started working freelance as Multimedia Artist and Interaction Designer, combining his talents of art, music and science. In 2001, during a period in which the education in traditional subjects at the Royal Academy of Arts was in a disappointing state, Carl graduated in 2 disciplines; Multimedia and Contemporary painting. Since then Carl works freelance for many different types of creative projects, clients and organizations.