Welcome at this website, my name is Carl Müller.

I create art, philosophy, education and web development.
Oddsized is the name I’ve given the multi-disciplined projects I undertake.

Webdesign Den Haag provides development and interactive design services, everything for your website or web app. Customized web templates, web markup, WordPress themes, UI design and a lots of open source code.

Earlyrobots reflects the needs of children, parents and schools to get acquainted with modern technology and support the development of creativity and technical thinking at individual and group level.


I’m co-director, trainer, teacher and Master Player at Early Robots. We integrate programming and creative digital skills into the primairy school curriculum and support future generations to explore, develop and master their personal creativity and technical skills.

I’m working as web developer since 1998, 2 years before I graduated as Master in Arts in Painting and Multimedia at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands 2001.

I am living and working in The Hague, the Netherlands, together with graphic artist and fashion designer Judith Haagh (Das Glueck – Made for Me) and our wonderful kids.

In the meantime I spend most of my time with parenting, philosophy (in science, art, human behavior and future society), creating music, art & webworks, reading manga (mostly sci-fi) and from time to time I ‘m involved in gaming. (I am a Master Player after all)


Following work in progress is one of the reasons for me to join Mr. M. Bricola in the Earlyrobots company.

Subtract of contemplations, a work in progress 2012 - 2017

Increasing connectivity, media overload, modern panopticon and growing dependence on inimitable and non-sustainable systems are at the expense of surprise, imagination, spontaneity, self-esteem, personal appreciation and especially health and intuition.

In the past century, capitalism has spread materialism worldwide and developed a specialty in programming a society in which many people ultimately retain little self-esteem. Commercialization and marketing got to us deeply and formed a mindset for many people to accept a quantitative attitude towards human behavior, individual possibilities and the value of life itself. In exchange for an all-round security and wealth of prosperity, we are comfortable ignoring the powerful forces behind PR, marketing and commercialization and the long-term damage they face. General development, coherent understanding of matter and individual responsibility seem to have become less important to many people.

The overload with, and constant filtering of directly accessible information creates less space for self-imagination. Creative thinking and original personal thoughts are, often unconsciously, displaced by copy behaviors. The lack of [time and space for] insight, contemplation and relativation offers opportunities to promote apparent original ideas. In the first grades, these reformed ideas appear new, original and of good quality, but ultimately they appear to be just a mirror of our reflection, a simulacrum in our hyper reality, part of the programmed reality.

The consequence is individual uncertainty, loss of self-esteem, dramatically neglected and denied. Due to this individual loss and our natural need for security, we are increasingly dependent on systems that lead and control us in these areas. In future, this will make the existence of individuals, and humanity as a whole, even more dependent on [computer / ai / mind-] control systems.

Originality and self-esteem in discovering, experiencing and understanding the world around us must be weighed against the likelihood of certainty in an extremely superficial, dependent, yet very comfortable and therefore very tempting socio-economic hierarchy of society.