Oddsized is the name I‘ve given the multi-disciplined projects I undertake including art, web design & development, education, music and philosophy. I’m in business as a web developer since 1998 and Master in Arts since 2001, graduated in Painting and Multimedia at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands.  

Started as a self-taught javascript and Joomla CMS designer, learning html, css, xml & php development along the way and later switched to WordPress Theme development and webapplication building. In the past 15 years I helped to realize over a 100 websites and apps for many and very divers types of clients and projects including, and
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In 2012 I joined Early Robots, first as trainer and Master Player, since 2016 I’m also co-director and teacher. Early Robots integrates programming and creative digital skills into the primairy school curriculum and supports future generations to explore, develop and master their creativity and technical skills.
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About me
My name is Carl Müller, I live and work in The Hague, the Netherlands, together with graphic artist and fashion designer Judith Haagh (Das Glueck – Made for Me) and our wonderful kids. Besides work most of my time goes to parenting, creating music, art & webworks, research & philosophy (technology, art and future society), manga (mostly sci-fi), and lately I’m involved in gaming – play, research and create.


Webdesign Den Haag provides development and interactive design services, everything for your website or web app. Customized web templates, web markup, WordPress themes, UI design and a lots of open source code.

Earlyrobots reflects the needs of children, parents and schools to get acquainted with modern technology and support the development of creativity and technical thinking at individual and group level.